Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living.

What is Compassion? 

Compassion is the capacity to feel concern with the pain and suffering of both ourselves and other people accompanied by the wish to offer and feel relief.  Compassion training allows this natural human potential to develop and deepen. This is the aim of MBCL. 

What is MBCL?

MBCL is a mindfulness-based programme that supports the development and training of compassion and mindfulness to enhance mental and physical health. MBCL supports individuals to cultivate a friendly and compassionate attitude toward themselves and others. MBCL exercises help individuals to experience key aspects of emotional wellbeing including warmth, security, acceptance and connectedness. 

During the course, individuals are also introduced to some of the background information underlying compassion training and current research, as well as the ways in which it can be integrated into our everyday life. A further theme is nurturing compassion for oneself and others in the face of difficult emotions and challenging living situations.

MBCL can be particularly supportive for people living with depression, anxiety, illness, traumatic experience, and low self - esteem.

The MBCL course is suitable as a follow-up course to an MBSR / MBCT programme or those with an existing mindfulness practice. MBCL can be an emotionally challenging programme, which is why we ask participants to have a consistent mindfulness practice before starting.

The course consists of eight weekly sessions of 2.5 hours and a silent - day practice session.  

MBCL was developed by Erik van den Brink, MD psychiatrist, psychotherapist and Frits Koster,meditation teacher and mindfulness trainer.  

All of the courses are currently run in Brighton. All supporting materials are included in the cost of the course. An additional extended session is an integral part of all courses. The venue is accessible to all. 

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